We love Norrland

We are passionate about the High Coast and can always tell you what there is to do or see in the area. With us you can hang in the hammock, solve crosswords in the garden, dance on the porch or drink your coffee by the water. And if you want to look around in the surroundings, we give tips on good excursions here:
Exciting excursions – Hemsö fortress.
Visit Skuleberget. Technichus House – A scientific adventure for the whole family.
Go with M/S Ådalen III.
Play golf – Härnösands Golf Club. 4 km from us.
Lots of theatre and entertainment at Härnösands Theatre Norrlands Pride – Norrdans a treasure!
The Open-Air Museum of Masonry and the Västernorrland County Museum. Visit Best Blue Gate Flea & Antique Bathe in the swimming pool & play Minigolf hike High Coast trail places you shouldn’t miss: Smitingens Havsbad and caves. Weld Ulvön Västanå Case