JENA Restaurant


Jesper N and Sabina Karlsson, JENA, will control the kitchen and dining area at the sawmill from 1 June 2018.

Only 16 seats are offered per evening when this concept is based on a complete and full evening experience! All food served is locally produced, locally produced and organic. So book baby sitter and prepare for an evening where both the eye and the palate will be fulfilled. We have set an age limit of 15 years when we are not able to serve any food other than our menus.

Sagverket Kok
The dining room.

There are two menus available (everyone in the same group must order the same menu):
6 dishes, 795 kronor
11 dishes, 1200 kronor
A wine package consisting of well-chosen natural wines that perfectly matches the dishes is also available for purchase. It is also possible to buy individual glass if you prefer it and of course there are non-alcoholic alternatives.
In connection with the confirmation email, the sum is paid.

Cancellation Policy: The places can be canceled up to 72 hours before the day of arrival. Thereafter no money is refunded.

Jesper n is fertile from Härnösand and has worked at several star restaurants around the country, including Fäviken and Franzéngruppen.
Sabina Karlsson became baker of the year 2014 and Olympic medalist in the Culinary Olympics 2016.

Bookable days are:
1 – 30 June, 23 July – 31 August, Wednesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays.
Closed 22 – 23 June and 4 – 22 July.
All seats start at 18.00

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